Antivirus software is much more than a mere virus scanner. It tracks shady sites such as phishing attacks, suspicious applications. It shields you from ransomware, which can lock your files and steals personal information. Furthermore, a top antivirus suite could include features such as a VPN and a password manager that will help protect your online identity as well.

Avira is a German-based company consistently scored well in our lab tests for protection, performance, as well as usability (false negatives). It’s an easy to use program that offers extensive malware protection, which includes ransomware detection and web security. It comes with a monthly bill option, which allows you to remove the program if are not satisfied without paying huge renewal costs for the next year.

McAfee has been around for a long time and is often found on laptops. It has impressive scores for malware detection and a variety of security extras such as a password manager and a VPN that comes at a fair cost.

Norton 360 is a robust cybersecurity package that offers unbeatable malware protection, as well as a number of extra tools, including a complete VPN, and a password manager. It’s also available at an affordable annual fee. The performance of the product in our tests in the lab was amongst the best of any software we’ve tested in the past year. it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a top-performing antivirus suite with full privacy protection.



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