Introduced in 2016, the Due line from Panerai offered something a little more wearable for those who may have been put off by the traditionally large sizing of these Italian military watches. The cases were slimmed down, and for the PAM 676, that means a thickness of just 10.5mm. In terms of width, this model is a very reasonable 42mm wide, and some Due models could be found as small as 38mm.

Thankfully, none of the Panerai vibe is lost with the smaller sizing. The signature sandwich dial construction, which allows the lume to glow from underneath the cut-out markers cheap replica watches, is still on display as are the large Arabic numeral font used for the cardinal numbers.

Likewise, the across-the-room recognizable crown lock system from the Luminor can still be found on the side of the Due’s case. Representing the makeover that Panerai needed, the Due keeps the signature elements that have made the brand famous, while bringing the proportions down to a size that works for a much wider audience. Now, we can all Panerai.

Featuring Tudor’s in-house MT5602 movement, this Black Bay has with it 70 hours of power reserve and is presented without a date display. The first in-house movement from Tudor’s new manufacturing arm, the MT5602 has proven to be a solid upgrade that has even been shared with other Swiss watchmakers.

The possible downside of a PVD-coated audemars piguet replica is if a scratch goes beyond the top layer and exposes some steel from underneath. Tudor has done a fantastic job with their coating being very resistant to scratches, as proven by this blemish-free example.
The Day-Date, the “Texas Timex,” the “President.” No matter your thoughts on any other watch from Rolex, the Day-Date captures everybody’s heart. The all-18k yellow gold case shines on the wrist, and the bracelet on this example is unique to this model of Datejust for an added bit of flair. This is the watch of Presidents, titans of industry, sports legends, religious leaders, and Tony Soprano. No other watch provides the same statement.

This specific 18238 is a pre-1998 model that has tritium lume. The lume has aged on the hands and dots around the hour markers to a yellow that is a near-perfect match for the gold case. None of the lume is cracked, and in the hands replica rolex watch, the soft creamy color is something that SuperLuminova has yet to match. The case and bracelet are in excellent condition, and it would be hard to find a better example of this neo-vintage reference of the iconic Day-Date.