An investor data room is a virtual or physical space that holds all data, information and documents that are necessary for due diligence when a startup seeks investments. It is also used to showcase the startup’s expertise in order to create an image of trust with potential investors. A data room must be secured and privacy-controlled as any leakage of information could damage the reputation of a company. It must use sophisticated software to ensure that only authorized users are able to access sensitive documents. It is also recommended to choose a data storage facility that offers real-time analysis of how individual documents were viewed.

What to include in your Investor Data Room

You’ll likely have discussions with investors or VC firms, where they’ll request more information than what’s on your deck. They might also ask access to your data room as part of their due diligence.

Investors will also want to examine any additional research that you do, such as market research reports or public information. Investors will also scrutinize your financials, including past performance and anticipated performance.

You’ll want to include a section on how much you’ve grown, and the reasons for it. It is also recommended to include a complete management team list, and provide their salary and job descriptions. In addition, you’ll need to include a complete legal page including amended and updated articles of incorporation.



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