Graham was born in Glasgow. At age 6 he fractured his skull after a fall which awakened his intuitive abilities and his first visit to the spirit world. At age 16 Graham was in a serious car accident. As he laid on the operating table he recalls running in a field with his deceased dog. He remembers being dragged backwards to return through a blinding white light to see himself on the operating table as the surgeon said, “and the time of death is”.
At age 22 his grandfather appeared to Graham standing at the bottom of the bed wearing his familiar red sweater, blue jeans, and glasses. He informed Graham he should think about working for spirit. The following night Graham was visited in a dream by his great aunt who had died before he was born and reiterated his grandfather’s message. Graham was able to describe her in detail to his mother who verified his account. Although having spiritual experiences, he did not really understand the wonderful gift he had.

Since then, Graham has qualified as a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Trance healer and Hopi ear candle practitioner. In 2012 he won the Conan Doyle Award for being the most outstanding new medium and has featured in the Psychic news for his charity work.
In 2009 his brother appeared to him after he had tragically died and said what Graham thought was “come through the light.” Graham was not in a good place emotionally and physically and would have easily joined his brother as requested. This made Graham realise he was vulnerable and needed help. This was the cathartic moment that he began his true spiritual journey and saw him embrace a pathway to enlightenment.

His results have been so humbling for Graham. One of his clients had a cancerous tumour for which he gave psychic surgery for. By the time she attended her hospital appointment the tumour had halved in size.

He also helped a client who had a nervous breakdown and made a full recovery in just 4 months. He stated that he would never have recovered so quickly without Grahams help and will be for ever be in his debt. Graham’s reply was he is only a channel and facilitator for spirit.

Love, Light and Blessings