Psychic Surgery




The basic idea is that the Medium goes into a deep meditation before the Psychic Surgery begins. Thus, the Medium must be conscious and have an altered relaxed mind to allow the surgeons required to provide the necessary surgery for the client. This helps them to connect to the surgeon that bring the healing energy. In this process, the energy fields of the Medium and the Spirit surgeon will blend. Hence, if the Medium is doing a Surgery session for someone else the energy is transferred from spirit, through the medium, to the client.

It is important that after the session the client rests as much as they can to allow the body to recover just as if they had had a surgery at hospital., however in this case the client has no invasive scars or stitches that will be seen. Instead, the client may feel tired and will have to rest to get the best results. Every client is different and some need more than one session whilst others only need one session. This includes Mental Health sessions to deal with Anxiety or Panic attacks or Depression.

There is a belief that your Etheric body is fine and therefore any issue in the physical body can be treated. You will feel the difference. Why not give it a try and experience it for yourself.


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