Soul Retrieval




When something frightens someone, their soul can split off, or fragment, into pieces. This is what happens during an out-of-body experience, part of someone’s soul actually leaves their body, and is outside it, watching what is going on. Some people can also experience this during sleeping or dreaming. After the incident is over most of the fragmented soul pieces return back into the body safe and sound, but other times they do not. This is usually because the soul piece that was lost did not “feel” safe enough to return. As time passes, people change become a better “home” to for these lost soul pieces. Clients come to me to help them invite back any lost soul energy, as they are better able to take care of it now. During a Shamanic Soul Retrieval, I will go seeking the lost soul part, and bring it back to my client. As part of the journey, integration work is required, to ensure that clients maintain their newly healed energies. There maybe additional Shamanic Healing sessions needed in advance of a Soul Retrieval, to “get the house in order”.


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